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FISL, I was there \o/

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Hello guys, well when I applied to Google Summer of Code I had no idea on how it was going to change my life. So far not only I have been learning new things, but also meeting awesome developers. The climax of this was when we (brazillian students) asked for a small financial help to Google to take us to FISL (Forum Internacional de Software Livre – International Free Software Forum) in Brazil. Google did the amazing favor to help us so that we can learn/spread free software to others. We are in huge debt with them, and we’re amazed by their concerns about free software ideals. We managed not only to meet there (#gsoc-br) but also we managed to meet excellent FOSS developers there and had a lecture about the GsoC experience in FISL.

There I met the remaining gsocers, we shared our difficulties and we exchanged tips on how to solve problems. They all joked on me, :/, when I said that I preferred svn over dscm, like git or mercurial. But at the same time they gave me a very brief and informal talk/introduction to git (which I’m kinda liking :D). I talked also a lot about X and XCB with friend and hackers there since it’s directly related to my proposal.


I had a chance to meet some badass developers (like ‘Maddog’) and get amazing talks (like Glassfigh in OSGi bundles and What’s new on OpenJDK 7). I took some photos and the most cool was with the GNU.

Overall, It was a amazing experience, and I want to thank again Google, specially Carol (which is so kind =]), all the cool guys there (FISL) and my mentor Mario Torre (which understand that I’m a little behind but getting up the schedule now =).

GNU and Me

GNU and Me

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July 27, 2010 at 2:14 pm