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FISL, I was there \o/

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Hello guys, well when I applied to Google Summer of Code I had no idea on how it was going to change my life. So far not only I have been learning new things, but also meeting awesome developers. The climax of this was when we (brazillian students) asked for a small financial help to Google to take us to FISL (Forum Internacional de Software Livre – International Free Software Forum) in Brazil. Google did the amazing favor to help us so that we can learn/spread free software to others. We are in huge debt with them, and we’re amazed by their concerns about free software ideals. We managed not only to meet there (#gsoc-br) but also we managed to meet excellent FOSS developers there and had a lecture about the GsoC experience in FISL.

There I met the remaining gsocers, we shared our difficulties and we exchanged tips on how to solve problems. They all joked on me, :/, when I said that I preferred svn over dscm, like git or mercurial. But at the same time they gave me a very brief and informal talk/introduction to git (which I’m kinda liking :D). I talked also a lot about X and XCB with friend and hackers there since it’s directly related to my proposal.


I had a chance to meet some badass developers (like ‘Maddog’) and get amazing talks (like Glassfigh in OSGi bundles and What’s new on OpenJDK 7). I took some photos and the most cool was with the GNU.

Overall, It was a amazing experience, and I want to thank again Google, specially Carol (which is so kind =]), all the cool guys there (FISL) and my mentor Mario Torre (which understand that I’m a little behind but getting up the schedule now =).

GNU and Me

GNU and Me

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July 27, 2010 at 2:14 pm


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Hello guys, sorry for the lack of updates, been a busy week here.
The progress so far is that I’m ending up the refactoring in Escher (already finished the core java pkgs) which lend me changing almost all classes in XPeer @ GNU Classpath, I’m waiting right now to submit this patch and some review of my mentor (Mario Torre) so I can make it a best refactoring.
So far:

  • Reintegrated Escher to XPeer @ GNU Classpath (First task)
  • Refactored Escher (Almost finishing)
  • Next → Generate the protocol code in a description way (Mario Torre gave the huge cool idea in generating on @nnotations :D)

One of the things that I changed in XPeer too was the lazy connection. IMHO there is no need to wait for someone to getDisplay() to make all the overhead of connecting to the Xserver. Since usually after the instantiation of the Xtoolkit class there will be use it I did the start right ahead. This change made *somehow* the start of the gui way faster. Am I missing the reason behind lazy connection?

Written by marcosroriz

July 3, 2010 at 6:57 pm